Thursday, 10 June 2010

An award......

Wow our very first award. Thanks soooo much Coops for giving us this lovely award.

So for this award we have to link it to the person who gave it to us and pass it on to 12 other people. So here they are:

1. Jennifer (My Inky Hands)
2. Louise (Just love to Stamp)
3. Lizzy (Lizzys Crafty Place)
4. Kelly (Kellys Pink Palace)
5. Lindy (Lindys Crochet Corner)
6. Angie (Angie's Craft Hideaway)
7. Bev (One Yarn after Another)
8. Paola (Little Factory Inside)
9. Peri (Stuff)
10. Mina (Pink Puds)
11. Jilli (Jilli's Pages)
12. Elaine (Quixotic Cards)

We've given this award to some of our followers but also to some of the amazingly talented people we follow (hope this is okay). And just because we've only handed it to 12 people doesn't mean we don't appreciate all of our followers, so please feel free to take this award if you want.

Tracy x


  1. Wow ... thank you very much! *embarassed* hugs Jillix

  2. oh wow thank you so much thats so kind of you both to think of me
    Mina xxx

  3. Hi Tracy,

    I just stumbled over this post and I've seen that you've given me an award.
    Wow, what an honor!!!
    Many many thanks!
    Why did you never told me?
    If I had not landed here now, I would have probably never noticed.
    May I just take the award now?
    I am happy and I am totally surprised.
    Thanks again!



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