Thursday, 13 May 2010

My other hobby.....

Heres some finally finished crochet blankets of what I have made... I have that many projects on the go i really dont know how i manage to finish them off .
SoI thought I would show you my other craft which I love... I have been doing on and off since my nanna taught me when I was six and I cant wait to teach my little girl heidi how to do oldest son asked me to teach him and he give it up as a bad job he said its boring and its for women... lol cheeky bleeder.
I wish i was abit faster at doing it but never mind im sure the more i do the faster i will get .
Back to my duties now cleaning ,take daughter to nursery,come back mabey craft its the life and i wouldnt change a thing of it

ta ta for now
xx ann-marie xx


  1. These are lovely! My Aunt makes similar. It's so clever to be able to make this kind of thing xx Jenny xx

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous!!! :)

  3. Pretty blankets! I love the shells you did a nice job.


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